Monday, 27 October 2008

another day

I slept a slumberless dream. In the magnitude of silver eyes, I swam away. The thousand glistening tadpoles. Ten hundred cells in pure uniform.

Teeth baring under solid silver, metallic clang. A voice of an officer. Shouting, rasping, angry as barter. Tulips leak a fluid which flees from every orifice. Escaping bloom in spring, in dignity.

There is a depthless pool of gutted carcass. Stark, black + white. A majestic kingdom of white blood and ice.

The elongated being with a red rooster neck was sitting slumped in a brown orifice chair, fetted with a million years of dust and bugs. His long neck craned at the sound of any coercing voice. They sound of nectar, pure and honey.

The words dripped from his lips thick as come. Unspeakable acts wrapped silently in secrecy of sodomy and solitude.


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